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With over 100 years combined experience
in factoring invoice for the trucking industry,
we understand that you must pay fuel,
payroll and other expenses on a daily
or weekly basis while waiting 30 to 60
for payment from their customers.
Given the ever increasing operating costs,
many truckers find themselves without
enough cash to fund growth opportunities.


Factoring your truck invoice  through us 
will provide immediate cash flow
your freight invoices, giving your company
cash for operating expenses.
Once established as a client you
will receive payment within 12-24 hours! 
We serve Owner/Operators and small
to medium sized fleets. 


One of the biggest advantages of factoring
your accounts receivable is that you are
able to take on more work and
better paying loads. 
Have you had to settle for low paying
loads in order to get paid within a
couple of weeks? 
Factoring allows
you to take better paying accounts
without having to worry about
how fast they pay.


We have  no minimum dollar
amount for each invoice. 
You may
factor all of your accounts or you may
choose to factor only a few.  In other
words, you can customize your own account!


Fast and Easy Setup, Set up your
account in 3 to 5  working days

More Benefits
-Advances are made via wire or direct
 deposit into your bank or fuel account

-Funding within 12-24 hours

-Free & Quick credit checks for
 prospective customers

-No minimum invoice fees.

-No Long Term Contracts

-No Check Clearance Days

-Low factoring fees

-High advances 90% to 97%

-You select the accounts to factor

-24/7 Online account management tools


You have access to your account information around the clock. Our online
services let you view your reports and
collection activity updated daily.
You can even printout an entire
customer list on our online system. 
These are just some of the ways we are
committed to helping your
trucking company run smoothly.


Credit Expertise
With our truck factoring company you
have access to trucking industry credit
experts at your fingertips.  We share
our expertise with you at no cost to
minimize your chances of hauling for a poor or uncollectable customer. 

We understand timing is everything
when it comes to securing new loads.
You may chose to call, fax or email
our office with a credit request
and you will receive a timely response. 
We approve all types of customers
including brokers, shippers, haulers
and manufacturing companies nationwide.

Some Factoring Companies require your customers to be on their approved list. If the customer is not on the list the factor or doesn't have published credit the customer is denied. We will research new customers
by checking both bank & trade references.

Full Truck Factoring administrative support - including credit management, invoicing, collections, account reporting, expense reporting, fuel card management and much more!

Get Your Cash Today

Call our trucking specialists at

 1-866-593-2205 or

or complete the

OnLine Truck Factoring Request Form

More Factoring Truck Invoice Information


Fuel Cards

Small and Large fleets alike take advantage of considerable savings and discounts by using Fuel Cards.

We are  able to send your factoring proceeds in a number of ways including,

wiring all or a portion directly into a Fuel Account of your choice.

We are are not tied to a particular Fuel Card Company.
Depending upon the most advantageous program for your fleet,

you can continue using your established Fuel Card account or we are happy to provide you Fuel Card resources.
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up to 97%)

We offer the highest advances in the
factoring truck invoice industry. 
How can we offer such advance rates? 
By using our own money in tandem with our
stellar banking relationship.

Beware of factoring truck invoice firms advertising "no risk" contracts and teaser rates. This is what happens: the factoring truck invoice company offers a teaser rate of something very low for the first 30
days such as 1/2% for 30 days from the date of invoice and then it goes up from there.

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Each factoring truck invoice company operates slightly different.  It is important to understand which programs  provide the greatest benefits and at the least cost. Several criteria should be addressed  when searching for a reputable factor.   Are there setup fees, maintenance fees or penalty fees? Is there a long term contract? Are there monthly minimums? Does the factor provide credit and collection services at no additional charge? What accounting reports will the factoring truck invoice company supply?  What value-added services does it provide?